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In addition, the right partner who is registered in the relevant portal does not always have to be available in the immediate region. Overall, this point cannot really be rated as a disadvantage. Ultimately, one has to pay attention to the distance one expects from a relationship. Almost every provider offers a filter to specifically search for people who live in the corresponding area. 2) Splitting the online dating users to different providers It would actually be desirable if there were a large portal in which all people are registered and matched against each other, instead there are various providers who compete with each other for users and market shares. The soul mate may be registered in a completely different online community than you are and you may never get to know each other that way. 7th

8. Disadvantages of online flirting 3) Costs There are plenty of “free” sites, but most of the time they are not well maintained and there are many fake profiles and file names. The activity also usually leaves a lot to be desired. For a good and reputable dating site there are therefore not inconsiderable costs. One should be aware of this. The membership fees amount to around 10 to 40 € per month, depending on which contract and which term you have chosen. However, if you put the costs in relation to the effort of the conventional search for a partner, you can in most cases assume that online dating is also worthwhile here, especially with the best providers. 4) Fakes, information distortion, fraud Since the love hunger and demand is very high on the love market, the turnover is also high (approx. 200 million € / year in Germany) and many are willing to spend money on it, it is not surprising that even fraudsters want to transform part of this demand into profit. The anonymity offered by the Internet and many portals makes it easy to create fake identities. Faked women’s profiles in particular target men willing to pay. The so-called animators write very attractive messages and shine with perfect images and appearance. Most fakes can usually be exposed when it becomes clear that they only offer contact via very specific sites and, for example, vehemently want to forego Skype and Co. Many such profiles can also be uncovered by asking specific questions and not responding to them. You should by no means make any payments before a thorough check, you should under no circumstances make any payments before a careful check, no matter how badly they speak in your conscience or flatter you! Even if they are so bad at that To speak conscience or to flatter you! 5) Imbalance between man and woman For thousands of years one has probably philosophized about the different characteristics of man and woman and their different roles.


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