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Because every day I see the mistake that men just send random texts. And when I then ask them why they sent this text, they usually have no real answer.

“Well, I thought you had to write on Tinder so I just wrote something.”Every message should have a specific purpose, a specific task. And if you don’t know what this task is, then you probably shouldn’t submit the text either.

And if it doesn’t do any of the above, then the news is probably unnecessary and not good either.

How you can implement these things in your chat texts and lots of examples, as I said later in the article.

If you understand this and when writing on Tinder always make sure that your messages fulfill one or more of these tasks, your results will improve suddenly and drastically.

… then the conversation will quickly fizzle out and she will meet up with one of the other guys who can do these things.

And we will show you exactly and step-by-step how it works if we tell you about our 3-phase system.

This is why it is so incredibly important to stand out from all the competition and know the best tricks and strategies.

But since you are here and you are reading this long article, you already have a huge advantage over 99% of the other men who would never do this trouble and work.

Because it shows that you have the right attitude and know that you have to break new ground if you want different results.

And since I think that’s so cool, I’ll also tell you our exact chat strategy with which you will be miles ahead of all other men.

And how to implement the individual steps exactly and a lot of sample chats including screenshots you can now with our 3-phase chat system.

Hahaha 🙂 this is really the coolest first message I’ve ever received. Do you want to have a drink tonight?

Simply send these tested texts as the first message to your matches and finally get more answers in the chat!

Just forget about all the stupid rules you may have heard, such as who matches last, writes first.

Because mostly they won’t do it anyway, because they are used to us men always taking the first step. And even if you write first, you usually only get a boring “Hey” or “Hi, how are you”.


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