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Like the singles, the name Who Are These has been mixed into the pages of history, and the members of the group have started to prepare for the next phase. In their lyrics, their view of the life they live and world affairs is also very evident. Rather than a scattered, hastily put together structure, it gives the impression of a collection that is related to each other in terms of sound and stance.

In the light of all these indicators, “Flirt” album seems to be a mature debut album that introduces the path the group will follow in their next album to the audience. Flirt was a structure formed by my involvement, it would not be a lie if I say that there was no such adaptation situation because we developed and matured in line with everyone’s style and abilities. This time, the more experienced and cautious group members decide not to work with a producer who could damage their ideals, no matter how big their name might be. The band, who constantly recorded their songs in an analog environment during the singles period, and found the same opportunity in the album Ve Kim Builer, this time tried digital recording technology in the Flört album due to the conditions at hand.

Ağdaş Music is a company that stands out in terms of distribution rather than a production company that produces stars for the music industry due to the conditions brought by its internal structure. The first signs of this contribution are the general mood in the photos and video clips on the album carton.

We have brought together these nice meeting messages, the best meeting messages and the best meeting words for you to meet on facebook, twitter and instagram. Aren’t you that perfect girl on Cosmo’s cover? I have always written hello until now, some of them have returned. Whether to send a message to the person you like, we all think of the first meeting messages, our attractiveness and our mind. Aug 24

To keep the conversation going by flirting, you can: Be playful. Show her your juicy side by making a silly comment at the right time. No woman likes a man who takes herself too seriously. Prank him. If you know him well enough, hang out gently and wait for him to hang on to you, too. Make sure you can understand the style of what you are writing from the message and know that you are joking. Don’t be afraid to occasionally post “; -“. While you shouldn’t overuse them, a well-worn facial expression is a great way to flirt.

There are a few easy ways to show that you care about the girl you like without explicitly stating it. Sending a message at the right time can let him know that you are thinking of him and that he is important to you. You can show the girl you like by message that you care about her like this: Show that you value her opinion. Ask him what he thinks of a particular subject, she. For example, you might ask what you think of a new movie in theaters or a newly opened restaurant.

Ask him open-ended questions about him. You shouldn’t ask too many personal questions, but if it comes up, ask what he does or what he likes to do on the weekends.

Show that you remember your conversations.


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